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International Audience - Global Shopify Experts

International Audience - Global Shopify Experts
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The Host

Nick Trueman, Shopify Expert

Nick has nearly 15 years experience in the digital industry, which include running and selling agencies or all sizes. For 3 years he ran a Shopify store ‘on the side’ and currently heads up both Just Ask Parker and Spec Digital.


Spec Digital – https://spec.digitalĀ 

Just Ask Parker –

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    The Sound Engineer

    Paul Stevens is the man behind making all of our episodes sound so crisp!

    Paul Stevens, hails from the vibrant English seaside city of Brighton. He started his career some 30 years ago as in-house Engineer for Pete Townshend and The Who, also working with many other musical acts. After switching to Post Production and working in major London facilities, he has edited, sound designed and mixed many award winning and award nominated long form, short form, promos & branding projects. Now specializing in podcast editing as Stick and Splice he brings his experience and love of all things audio together with his happy outgoing nature.

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    Exclusive offers. Bonus Content. Episode Reminders!